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if a shape has 88 area , 52 perimeter what is the length and breadth?

please tell me the answer because i can not find the answer

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Perimeter of rectangle - Math Is Fun

(Jump to Area of a Rectangle or Perimeter of a Rectangle) A rectangle is a four-sided flat shape where ... A rectangle has two diagonals, they are equal in length and ...
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perimeter and area - Online Math - UH

PERIMETER AND AREA ... 6 If a tennis court has a perimeter of 210 ft and a length of 78 ft, find its width. 7 Find the perimeter of the following swimming pool.
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Perimeter of a Rectangle - Web Formulas

The perimeter of a rectangle is the total length of all ... Find the area and perimeter of a rectangle whose breadth ... Perimeter of rectangle = 2(length + breadth ...
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CLASS 6TH MATHS Chapter. Area and Perimeter -1 JSUNIL ...

Find perimeter of rectangle whose length =6m8dm and ... Find the diameter of circle if circumference is 88 cm. ... breadth 58m which field has greater area and by ...
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Rectangle Problems -

Area = L * W, w is the width and L is the length of the rectangle. We now present some problems with detailed solutions. Problem 1: A rectangle has a perimeter of 320 ...
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Perimeter and Area - Warrick County School Corporation

You can use formulas to find perimeter and area. area perimeter Word Watch perimeter, p. 32 area, p ... Gardening You plant a rectangular garden that has a length of ...
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How to Find the Length and Width of a Rectangle When Given ...

How to Find the Length and Width of a Rectangle When Given the Area ... Finding the Length. The area of a rectangle is the ... How to Calculate Area and Perimeter.
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Length and Width of Rectangle - Geometry Calculator

Length and Width of Rectangle ... (length and width) ... Enter the perimeter P and area A as positive real numbers and press "enter".
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if a shape has 88 area , 52 perimeter what is the length and breadth?

????????? bredth ?????????? perhaps yu meeeeeeen wide ???????yu hav a shape ?????????? yer spozed tuno its a rektangel formula for area & rim length depend on wot shape it is 1 formula for serkel, diff formula for square, dif formula for polygons
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what shape has area 13 and perimeter 21?

2-d shape, rim length=21, area=13 area/leng=0.6190476 first tri hav the biggest area/length av NE shape area=pi*r*r rim length=2pi*r area/rim length=r/2 serkel area=pi*r*r  =13, so r*r=13/pi=4.13802859 r=root(4.1....)=2.0342145 area/length=2.0342145/2=1.017107 Yer data is smaller than this, so it is possabel (legal It kan be NE shape, but not a serkel
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how do i calculate the lenght and breadth of a rectangle if the area = 210^m

If L=length and B=breadth LB=210. Its perimeter is 2(L+B). Area is assumed to be 210 sq m. L=210/B. So there are infinitely many solutions, but if L and B are integer metres, we need to break 210 into factors: (1,210), (2,105), (3,70), (5,42), (6,35), (7,30), (10,21), (14,15) The perimeters corresponding to these pairs of length and breadth are: 422, 214, 146, 94, 82, 74, 62, 58.
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what is the distance of 800 sqft, 1800sqft and 1250 sqft

Distance is measured in feet (or other linear measurement) and area in square feet (or other measure of area. Linear measurements have one dimension and area measurements have two, so you can't compare them or convert one into the other. A line doesn't enclose anything, because it's just a line. An area is an enclosure like a circle, rectangle, triangle, square, and so on. To make an area out of a line you would have to bend it and join the ends together. The best we can do with the figures in the question is to bend a line to make a shape. Let's go for a 45 degree right-angled triangle. The area of this type of triangle is half the area of a square split into half along a diagonal, and the area of a square is the square of the length of the side, so the area of the triangle is half this value. Now look at the figures representing the area of the triangle. To find the area of the square we simply double the values: 1600, 3600 and 2500. The sides of the corresponding squares would be 40, 60 and 50 (40*40=1600, 60*60=3600 and 50*50=2500). So we know that the sides of each triangle forming the right angle must be 40, 60 or 50. The length of the third side of the triangle is the length of the diagonal of the square and would have respective lengths 56.57ft, 84.85ft and 70.71ft. The length of the lines forming these triangles would therefore be 136.57ft, 204.85ft and 170.71ft. These are the perimeter lengths of the triangles. So now I hope you can see the difference between feet and square feet. We could have bent our line into a circle and the line would be the circumference of the circle and the answers would be quite different. Or we could have made another shape, all giving different lengths for the lines making the shape.
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Perimeter story problem

??????????? "summounted bi" is "on top" ??????????? rektangel with semiserel on top wide=6.7 rim-length=28 half rim-length av serkel=pi*radius=3.14159* 3.35 =10.52433538 other 3 sides=wide+2*length=(28-10.52433538) =17.47566462 2*length=17.47566462-6.7=10.77566462 leng=half that=5.387832311 area=leng*wide + half area av serkel leng*wide=6.7*5.387832311=36.09847649...part 1 av area half serkel area=pi*r*r/2=3.14159265*3.35*3.35/2=17.62826176 area=36.098476+17.62826176 =53.72673825 round2(53......)=53.73
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Draw two different shapes with an area of 15 square units and a perimeter of 16 units.

Area=amount of units in a shape. Perimeter=The continuous line forming the boundary of a closed geometric figure, the length of such a line. For exaple: 4x6 Area=24 Perimeter=20
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my fence or rectangular area will be 20x6

Define the shape of the rectangular area by establishing a relationship between the length and width of the rectangle. For example, L = 2W + 5, or W = 3L – 4. Be sure to include the appropriate units (inches, feet, yards, miles, or meters). Using the fact that A = LW, together with the relationship defined in step 2, eliminate one of the variables to set up a quadratic equation. Solve the quadratic equation using any of the techniques learned in this unit. The solution(s) will be one of the dimensions; use step 2 to find the other. Now determine the perimeter so that you will know how much fencing to buy
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If the perimeter of the triangle is 65, what is the area?

Dont no...not nuf info Yu kan draw different shapes with rim length=65 zampel: equalateral triangel, all sides same leng=65/3=21.666 base=21.666 hite=side*sine(60 deg)=0.866 area=base*hite/2=side*side*0.866/2=0.433*side*side=203.26 AREA=203.26 ------- but if make 45 deg rite triangel (isosoles triangel) side lengths hav raesheo av 1:1:root(2) which add up tu 3.4142 so base=(1/3.4142)*65=19.038 hite=base=19.038 area=(1/2)hite*bse=19.038*19.038/2=181.225 AREA=181.225
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What shape has a 12 sq. ft. area and 16 ft. perimeter?

Your solution would be a rectangle with side lengths of 2 ft and 6 ft. - Area of rectangle is 2 ft x 6 ft = 12 sq ft - Perimeter of rectangle is sum of all sides 2 ft + 2 ft + 6 ft + 6 ft = 16 ft
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how to find a length and width of something that has a area of 64m and a perimeter of 40m?

Several problems heer...first=yu shood tell us the shape at the "thang" sins yu sae leng & wide, me assume thang=rektangel then yu sae suppose m is meters, & thats rong it wood hafta be m^2 rim-leng=40, so half-rim=20=leng+wide area=leng*wide=wide*(20-wide)=64 -wide^2 +20wide -64=0   or wide^2 -20 +64=0 wide=4 or 16...leng=16 & area=4*16=64
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