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Given that y varies jointly with x and with the square root of z, and that y=2 when x=1/8 and z=1/4 find i.a formula giving y in terms of x and z, and ii. the value of y when whn x=3/8 and z=1/9.

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Please help me to solve this problem? -

... (WGA) is here to help protect ... i was prepring to install wmp11 the adress come that my window copy is not geniune please help me to solve this problem.
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SOLUTION: Please help me to solve this problem. A certain ...

Question 1054224: Please help me to solve this problem. A certain paint mixture weighing 305 kg contains 22% solids suspended in water.
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plz, help me to solve this problem ... Please help me to solve these problems (Replies: 2) Please help me solve this physic problem (Replies: 6)
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Math Forum/Help; Problem Solver; Practice; Algebra; ... Online Math Problem Solver. ... You can solve all problems from the basic math section plus solving simple ...
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Please help me to solve this problem Download png. 2. Ask for details ; Follow; Report; ... Somebody please help me! (Look at the bottom problem not the top) Mathematics;
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Sep 16, 2008 · Experts Exchange > Questions > Help me to solve this problem Run-time ... Help me to solve this problem Run-time error-2147418105 (80010007)Automation erro ...
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how can you get the answer 7 while only using the number 2,0,1, and 2?

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How do you solve this problem? solve for d: n= m+3d/4

Problem: How do you solve this problem? solve for d: n= m+3d/4 I need help solving this and seeing how it was solved since I am having trouble figuring out what to do and how to solve it thanks. n = m + 3d/4 n - m = (m + 3d/4) - m n - m = 3d/4 4(n - m) = (3d/4)4 4(n - m) = 3d 4(n - m)/3 = 3d/3 4/3 (n - m) = d Answer: d = 4/3 (n - m)  
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Y=-3x+6 x+y=8

Problem: Y=-3x+6 x+y=8 I need help solving this problem with elimination.. y = -3x + 6 3x + y = 6 x + y = 8 Eliminate y by subtracting the second equation from the first (re-written) equation...  3x + y = 6 -(x + y = 8) --------------  2x      = -2 2x = -2 x = -1 Now, solve for y. y = -3x + 6 y = -3(-1) + 6 y = 3 + 6 y = 9 Check by using the second equation. x + y = 8 -1 + 9 = 8 8 = 8 Answer: x = -1, y = 9  
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6x+(5x-8) i need help to solve this problem

?????????????? "solv" ???????????????? problem ?????????????? yu dont hav equashun...gotta hav "=" tu hav a problem 6x+5x-8=0 11x=8 x=8/11=0.72727272727272727272...
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How do I solve mixture problems like this? 18+.3 (50-x)=.27(50)

Use BODMAS rule where start by opening brackets if your qstn involves brackets and then multiplication then addition then subtruction the ans you'll get will be the best ans ever. Multiply 3 by 50 u will get 150 then mltpy 3 by -x u will get -3x then your eqn will bee as follows 18+150-3x 27(50) then multply 27 and 50 it will be 1350then continue as i told in the begining with BODMAS rule where BO means brackets open ,Dmeans division ,M means multiplication ,A means addition and S means subtruction.this is the best way of solving it thank you.
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how do I solve x/3 + 6 =3? Please give me the steps.

how do I solve x/3 + 6 =3? Please give me the steps. Please help me with this math problem. I'm not sure how of the steps to solving it. Thank you. x/3 + 6 = 3 x/3 + 6 - 6 = 3 - 6 x/3 = -3 x/3 * 3 = -3 * 3 x = -9  
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Please help to solve for K: D=3K/K-8P. Desperate for help!

me assume that stuf shood be . . . d=3k/ (k-8p) . . . d(k-8p)=3k . . . dk -8pd -3k=0 . . k(d-3)-8pd=0 . . . k(d-3)=8pd . . . k=8pd/(d-3)
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x+3=-6, 12+x=-7, t+1/2=3/4

I'd be happy to help you out with this. :) Alright so when you are dealing with equations such as the one you have here: x + 3 = -6 You want to solve for the variable, in this case x.  In order to do that you need to get the variable by itself.  So what I would do is subtract the 3 from both sides. x + 3 = -6     -3     -3 ------------- x = -9 For the second problem: 12 + x = -7 You do the same thing, get the variable, x, by itself.  To do this subtract 12 from both sides. 12 + x = -7 -12        -12 --------------- x = -19 For the third problem: t + 1/2 = 3/4 you are dealing with fractions, but the idea is the same.  Get the variable by itself by subtracting 1/2 from both sides: t + 1/2 = 3/4     -1/2   -1/2 ---------------- t = 3/4 - 1/2 Now you want to combine like terms but in order to add or subtract fractions you must first get a common denominator. In this case the common denominator would be 4 so the only fraction that you have to change is the 1/2. Multiply 1/2 by 2/2 1/2 * 2/2 = 2/4 The new equation is: t = 3/4 - 2/4 Now you can subtract 2/4 from from 3/4: 3/4 - 2/4 = 1/4 t = 1/4 There are the solutions and explanations to all your questions, if you need any more help, please don't hesitate to ask me.  Have a great day and happy problem solving :D
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Solve for 2x+1=-15-2x

Solve for 2x+1=-15-2x I am really confused with how to solve this problem, please help! What you need to do is get all the x terms on the left side of the equation, and all the constants on the right side. Remember that as long as we perform the same operation on both sides of the equation, we still have an equation, i.e., both sides remain equal, even though the value has changed. 2x + 1 = -15 - 2x On the right side, 2x is being subtracted. Add 2x to both sides of the equation. 2x + 1 + 2x = -15 - 2x + 2x On the right side, the 2x terms cancel out. On the left side, go ahead and add the x terms. 2x + 1 + 2x = -15 4x + 1 = -15 We want to remove the constant (1) from the left side, so subtract 1 from both sides. 4x + 1 - 1 = -15 - 1 Perform the operations. 4x = -16 The final step is to divide both sides by 4. 4x / 4 = -16 / 4 x = -4
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This is a logarithm problem that I need help to solve this problem and if possible a step by step answer here is the problem log4(x-3)^3=4

Log to base 4 of (x-3)^3 or log to base 10 of 4(x-3)^3 or natural log of 4(x-3)^3? I'll answer all three. Log to base 4 of (x-3)^3=4 The log of the cube of a quantity is 3 times the log of the quantity, so 3log(x-3)=4 and log(x-3)=4/3. To solve this raise both sides as powers of 4: x-3=4^4/3, so x=3+4^4/3=3+6.35=9.35. To find 4^4/3 I took 4(ln4)/3=1.8484 and then calculated e^1.8484=6.35. I could also have calculated using log to base 10 instead of e. Log to base 10 of 4(x-3)^3=4 Log4(x-3)^3=log4+3log(x-3)=4. So 3log(x-3)=4-log4=3.39794 and log(x-3)=3.39794/3=1.13265. This time we raise both sides as powers of 10: (x-3)=10^1.13265=13.572, so x=16.572. Natural log of 4(x-3)^3=4 Ln4(x-3)^3=ln4+3ln(x-3)=4. So 3ln(x-3)=4-ln4=2.6137 and log(x-3)=2.6137/3=0.8712. Raise both sides as powers of e: (x-3)=e^0.8712=2.3899, so x=5.3899.
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