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I had homework and I can't understand it

What is 1/4 + 13/20

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How to Help With Math Homework

Even if you had a bad experience in math class, don’t give a ... Estimating can help us understand the problem ... How to Help With Math Homework When The Answers ...
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I need help with homework that I can't understand... - OpenStudy

I need help with homework that I can't understand. Can someone help me and explain it to me so that I won't be confused [email protected] . @zepdri...
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My students don't do homework | Edutopia

My students don't do homework. ... they either don't understand the skill or just rushed ... level of support they had in completing it. So it really doesn't tell ...
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What had Jesus helped Thacia understand about the ... - eNotes

Get an answer for 'What had Jesus helped Thacia understand about the coming of God's kingdom? Why does her explanation cause Daniel to get angry? ' and find homework ...
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5 Reasons Homework Destroys Learning – Brilliant or Insane

5 reasons homework destroys learning. 1 ... Students often don’t understand the homework assignment — My ... homework and people had enough. Homework and home ...
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Homework: Why It Matters - SchoolFamily

Homework: Why It Matters. ... survey in which about 15 percent of parents said their kids had too much homework. ... I can’t help because I don’t understand the ...
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Does Your Homework Help You Learn - The Learning Network

Sep 13, 2011 · Does Your Homework Help You ... In every class I had homework! Study ... If a teacher taught you a new topic in class and you didn’t understand it, ...
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What Happened When I Stopped Forcing My Son To Do His Homework

What Happened When I Stopped Forcing My ... It’s not that I wouldn’t ask him if he had homework or offer to help him if he had any ... I understand the ...
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If you kid's math homework is confusing to you, here's why ...

Good grief. I only got through about half of that video and I had to turn it off. No wonder my son doesn't understand me when I try to help him with his math homework!
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Rethinking Homework - Alfie Kohn

Rethinking Homework. ... and those who don’t understand will become ... assignment is “How much say did the kids have in determining how this had to be ...
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5 / [3 1/3]=? p.s the slash in between the 5 and the bracket is a divsion sign.

5 / [3 1/3] = 5 / [10 / 3] = [5 * 3] / 10 = 15 / 10 = 3 / 2
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1st grade math 17-8=? make a 10 to figure out answer I dont understand it? Help?

17 - 8 = 9 "Make a 10" has nothing to do with the solution. It seems your daughter is being polluted with Common Core. I have seen some of the stupid things that are foisted on unsuspecting students who have absolutely no basic math skills. They are ordered to make up ridiculous, extraneous steps that they can't possibly understand, to solve a simple problem such as the one above. Do your daughter a favor. Get her out of public school, FAST!   Problem statrment: 1st grade math 17-8=? make a 10 to figure out answer I dont understand it? Help? I cannot figure out my daughters 1st grade homework from a new program they have go math.  
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m+0.31=6.13 i cant figure my homework out and i need help m + 0.31 = 6.13 m = 6.13 - 0.31 m = 5.82  
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What is 2 3/8 as a fraction?

What is 2 3/8 as a fraction? I am in Jr. High and totally forgot how to turn fractions into decimals so if u answer my question I will understand math(and my homework). So if u are reading this please help me...please! Multiply the whole number, 2, by the denominator, 8, then add the numerator, 3. You  now have the numerator for the fraction. (2 * 8) + 3 = 19 2 3/8 = 19/8
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if y= 2x+3 and x<2, Which of the following represents all the possible values for y?

if y= 2x+3 and x<2, Which of the following represents all the possible values for y? I need help with a homework problem and cant find the answer. Is it (y<7), (y>7), (y<5), (y>5), or (5 Read More: ...

how do you grah a rational function?

chooz sum x's & kalkulate y for eech x...that giv yu a lota points plot em 5x+20=5(x+4) x^2+x-12=(x-3)(x+4) equashun=5(x+4)/[(x+4)(x-3)] =5/(x-3) defined for all x sept x=3 1 point: (0,-5/3) for big x, look like 5/x, so slope dekreez, but never get tu 0
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what website can i find in order to solve physics questions?

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i need help on my graded homework! please!

if x-3=2 if the equashun for a strate line, it meen x=konst & that meen a vertikal line tu get vertikal line thru point=(-1,-2), anser: x=-1 this is parallel tu "x-3=2" perpendikular line...gotta be horizontal & that meen y=konst so y=-2....take -2 outa the point (-1,-2)
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how to solve distributive property (c-4)d

It's easier to understand if you move the d to the other side of the parenthesis.  It is the same problem just easier to visualize d(c-4) now you multiply the d by each term inside of the parenthesis d times c is dc d times -4 is -4d put those together to get dc-4d  
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what number does 8, 4, 3 and 7 all go into?

3*4*7*8=672 But yu need wot krats kall the "Leest Kommon Multipel" LCM(3, 4, 7,8)=168
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