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what would be the answer of 3.2+cb+5.7.

 whats the answer of this problom pleace tell me.

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Help me with this question Point A is at (3, 2.7) and point B ...

... (3, 2.7) and point B is at (3, 1.4) on a coordinate grid. The distance between the two points is_____. ... The answer to the (3, 2.5) and (3, 1.4) ...
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15 Answers - UMass Amherst

The answer is 5Š=.5 2/Š D 5 4 D 20. Thus, the probability is 20=42 D 0:4762. 324 Chapter 1 ... ability she wins is .1=2/C.1=2/.2=3/D 5=6. 1.22 Les Cinq Tiroirs
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Drill Answer 3 - eCollege

(2x + 1)(3x – 5) is negative when x is between –1/2 and 5/3. Answer: (–1/2, 5/3). ...
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Cobra 29 LTD Classic CB Radio -

Last answer: 2/7/2015. Answer this question. Back. Does it plug into cigarette lighter. Cobra 29. by David 9/19/2016. ... many CB's are factory-set to only about 3,8 ...
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4(5x-2)-6x=3(4x+2) is the answer x=7 - OpenStudy

... (5x-2)-6x=3(4x+2) is the answer x=7yes, the answer is x=7, congrats. hell yeah :). To see if the ... (5(7) -2) - 6(7) = ?? = 3(4(7)+2) If both sides ...
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For the function f(x) = 20x^3 - 3x^5, determine the interval ...

... at E 7, 5, at F 8, 2, at G 7, negative 1, at H 3, negative 1, at I 2, 2; ... Justify your answer. (4 points) Part B: Write a function which best fits the data.
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Chapter 9 – Distance and Area Answer Key

Chapter 9 – Distance and Area Answer Key CK-12 Middle School Math Concepts - Grade 7 2 9.5 Estimation of Square Roots Answers 1. 2.8 2. 3.3 3. 4.9 4. 5.6 5. 6 ...
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142005-cb-bec-higher-reading-answer-key.pdf - BEC HIGHER ...

BEC HIGHER READING ANSWER KEY PART ONE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 E D B A B C E E PART. Find Study Resources. Main Menu; ... 142005-cb-bec-higher-reading-answer-key.pdf ...
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12divided by 6 times 3 minus 5

Problem: 12divided by 6 times 3 minus 5 Please show us the order of operations and the answer.  thank you Because there are no parentheses to force the order of operation, take everything in the order they are presented, understanding that all multiplication and division operations are done before any addition and subtraction. 12 / 6 * 3 - 5 First: 12 / 6 = 2 2 * 3 - 5 Second: 2 * 3 = 6 Third: 6 - 5 Answer: 1 If there had been parentheses around the 6 * 3, the answer would have been different. You would have had 12 / 18, giving 2/3 - 5. Also, if there had been parentheses around the 3 - 5, the answer would have been different. In that case, you would have had 2 * -2.  
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What does 2^2079460347 equal, in other words... 2 to the power of 2079460347=?

The log of 2 is about 0.3. Multiply by the exponent and we get 623,838,104.1. This number has nearly 624 billion digits in it. The answers in Math Homework Answers are limited to 8,000 characters. Even if this could be written out it would take nearly 78,000 answers to display all the digits, so your question is impractical to answer. Let's suppose you can type at the rate of 5 digits a second. It would take almost 100 years to type it out! And that's typing for 24 hours a day, no time for sleeping and eating, etc.!
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I interpret the word ANSWER to correspond to the numbers 123456, so A=1, N=2, ... In particular, A=1, S=3 and E=5. These letters appear in SEAD, so we appear to have 351d and the number 123456, perhaps as an equation. It so happens that 123456=351^2+255 (351^2=123201.) What is the significance of the upper and lower case, italic, strike through and underscore?  The word WORLD has two letters in common with ANSWER, where W=4 and R=6, so we have WORLD as 4O6LD partially transcribed. The only letter of ANSWER not so far used is N(=2). The identity 123456=351^2+255 could be converted to ANSWER=SEA^N+NEE. If we write down the struck through letters we have OR SWER, lowercase: OD ASE, uppercase: WR NWR, italic: AER, underscore: D WER. Could these signify equations? No, because the italic is a number on its own and WR NWR has two letters in common on both "sides". So it would appear we can't attach significance to the case or presentation of the letters. The letters SEAD are part of the arithmetic priority acronym PEMDAS, where S=subtract, E=exponent, A=add, D=divide. Each operator requires two operands. It would appear that, under this interpretation, we would apply the operators to 5 operands thus: a-b^c+d/e. But we don't know what the letters a, b c, d, e are, and the only given number is 123456 having 6 digits rather than 5. So far then all we have is coincidences.
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how do you find the square root of 15 by hand?

It looks like long division. First divide the number 15.000000... into pairs of digits moving left and right from the decimal point: |15|.00|00|00|...|00|. You can draw a line over the top as you might do in long division where you will be placing the answer. You then want the nearest integer square to 15 which is lower than it. 9 is the nearest (16 is too big). Write 3 over 15 in the answer and follow it by the decimal point. Write 9 under 15, subtract 9 from 15 and write  the result under the 9. Bring down the pair of zeroes, making 600. Double 3 in the answer, making 6, and write it to the left as you would write a divisor in long division. You are now looking for a number to go with 6 so as to make a number between 60 and 69. The digit you add will also be used to multiply so that the result is as close to 600 (the "remainder" so far) as you can make but it must be less than 600. 8 fits this requirement because 68*8=544. Subtract 544 from 600 leaving 56 and bring down the next pair of zeroes making 5600. Write 8 in the answer over the first pair of zeroes, following the decimal point. The answer so far: 3.8. Double the answer ignoring the decimal point (76). We're now looking for a digit to tack on to 76 that will produce a number less than or equal to the remainder 5600. 7 fits this requirement: 767*7=5369. The answer so far is 3.87. Subtract from 5600=231. Bring down the next pair of zeroes=23100. Double the answer as before=2*387=774 and continue to find the next digit, which is 2, because 3 would give 23229. Continue until you reach the required number of decimal places, remembering for every pair of zeroes you bring down there is only one digit on the answer.    
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what is the answer to 7.5=125,000(4/5)t?

Simplify the right side first: 125000*4/5*t=100000t. To get rid of the decimal we can multiply both sides by 10: 75=1000000t. So t=75/1000000=0.000075 or 7.5*10^-5. That may not be the answer you're looking for. Assuming the cost of the bulldozer was 125,000, after the first year it would depreciate by 1/5=25,000. At the start of the second year it would be worth 100,000. At the end of the second year it would depreciate by another fifth=20,000, so it would be worth 80,000 at the start of the third year. By the end of the third year it would depreciate by another 16,000 and be worth 64,000 at the start of the fourth year. At the start of the fifth year another 12,800 would be lost making its value 51,200. At the sixth year it would be worth 40,960 and at the seventh year 32,768. After another sixth months, assuming a prorata depreciation it would lose only one tenth its value 3,276.80 so would be worth 29,491.20.
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2673 round to nearest ten

you would hav  e to look at the ones place and if it is under 5 i would make the answer be 2670 but if the ones place is 5 or over it would make the answer 2680.. so y  our answer would be 2670
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If you have 4 answers to a question what is the percent that you would guess the wrong answer

The percentage chance of guessing the correct answer is 25%. The percentage chance of guessing the wrong answer is 100% - 25% = 75%. . The probability of guessing the correct answer is 0.25. The probability of guessing the wrong answer is 1 - 0.25 = 0.75.
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46 x 12 = 46 x ( 10 + 6 _?)

This is the way worksheet was wrote out for me to find distributive property. Is it just me or is that all wrong because there should not be a 6 there then answer. It should be 46 x12 = 46 x (10 + _?) and the answer is 2. If there is another way to answer this problem with 6 there i would like to know? This looks like a typo. Somneone has made a mistake entering the text/numbers for the worksheet solution. I agree with you. For 46 x 12 = 46 x (10 + _?), the answer should be _? = 2. I woulkd just ignore the typo and enter you anser, viz. 2.
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what is the answer if 0.25 is to 0.125 as 1.25 is to ?

Problem: what is the answer if 0.25 is to 0.125 as 1.25 is to ? what would be the answer if 0.25 is to 0.125 as 1.25 is to ___? I need the answer with solution 0.25 is to 0.125 as 1.25 is to ___ 0.25 is twice 0.125, so 1.25 has to be twice the missing number. Just divide 1.25 by 2.   1.25/2 = 0.625 Answer: 0.25 is to 0.125 as 1.25 is to 0.625  
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This is a binomial distribution: p=1/5=0.2 and 1-p=0.8. The expectation of successes is np, where n=100, so np=20. This is how many correct answers would expected by chance alone. The variance is np(1-p)=20*0.8=16 and the standard deviation is the square root of this=4. So we would expect 20+4 correct answers or a range 16 to 24 correct answers in 100.
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