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what is the answer to the problem 2n + 3n +7 = -41

what is the answer to the problem 2n + 3n +7 = -41

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2n +3n +7=-41 what's the answer for this question -

2n +3n +7=-41 what's the answer for this question 2. Ask for ... Alright the first n should be 14 n the second one should be 20 plus the 7 thanks This question is ...
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What is 2n 3n 7-41 -

What is 2n 3n 7-41? ... What is the answer to this problem 2n-5 equals 7? in algebra, ... What is the answer to 2n-7 equals 5n-10? 2n - 7 = 5n ...
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2n+3n+7=-41 what is n?? (5465) | Wyzant Resources

2n+3n+7=-41 what is n?? ... please sign in to answer this question. ... It is a bit unfortunate that n is used in this problem as n is normally used as an integer ...
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What is the answer to this problem 2n-5 equals 7?

... Science Math and Arithmetic Algebra What is the answer to this problem 2n-5 equals 7? ... 2n from each side - 7 = 3n ... divide 35 by 7 to get the answer 5 ...
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Find the Domain 2n+3n+7=-41 - Mathway | Math Problem Solver

Free math problem solver answers your algebra, geometry, ... Find the Domain 2n+3n+7=-41. ... 4,000,000+ problems solved daily.
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What's the answer to 5n+2n-(3-10n)?

What's the answer to 5n+2n-(3-10n)? ... -3 + 3n = 3 + 5n + -2n Combine like terms: ... How do you make a word problem involving addition and subtraction?
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how do i add fractions

To add or subtract fractions, obtain a least common denominator. Subtract the numerators in the correct order and retain the same least common denominator for your answer. Simplify. To multiply fractions, multiple the numerators. The product will be the numerator of your answer. Repeat with denominators. Simplify. To divide fractions, take the reciprocal of what you are dividing by. Multiply the reciprocal with the initial number (see above for multiplication process). Simplify. Evaluate means to solve. You can solve fraction problems using the above processes. You can only simplify if both the numerator and denominator are divisible by the same number. If the denominator is odd, you can only simplify it if the numerator also is divisible by a same number. Ex. 88/33. Although the denominator is odd, both the numerator and denominator are divisible by 11 resulting in 8/3 as the simplified answer. To pace yourself during a test do the following. Find out how long you have for the test. Divide this by the total number of problems on the test. Example. 1 hour for 20 problems on your test. This means you have 3 minutes per problem. If you spend more than 3 minutes on a problem, skip it. Continue until you attempt all the problems. Go back with the remainder of the time to retry these problems you skipped. Most likely they are the most difficult, hence why you spent alot of time on them. This method of pacing allows you to skip the hard problems at first, attempt all problems, and finish the easier problems for sure.
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hpw do you estimate an answer to a problem with a remainder?

The purpose of the estimate is not to get an accurate answer, but just an indication of what the answer should be approximately, so that when the actual answer is determined, you can compare it with the estimate. They should be fairly close. If they are, this gives you confidence in your ability to work out the answer. If they're not, you may have made a mistake in your calculations. With practice, you become used to estimating quickly and that gives you a rough expectation of what the answer should be. So when you're doing a division it's not the remainder you need to be concerned about, but rather a rough idea of what the answer is going to be when calculated thoroughly. For example, if you were asked to divide 490 by 21, you could quickly estimate this by using 500 in place of 490 and 20 in place of 21, because these substitute numbers are close enough, or compatible with the actual numbers. 500 divided by 20 is 25. That can be done quickly in your head. 490/21 is going to be roughly 25. The actual answer is 23 with a remainder of 7. The estimate doesn't try to predict the remainder, but 25 is close enough to 23 to tell you that the real answer is probably correct. If you calculated 490/21 to be something way different from 25, you would suspect something had gone wrong in your calculations. So that's it: the estimate is just a quick fire judgment, before you take the time to do the proper calculation. An estimate is, or should be a quick mental calculation and not a laborious or lengthy exercise. For some numbers there is a way of predicting the remainder without doing any division at all. The obvious one is dividing by 2, because all odd numbers will give remainder 1. Dividing by 4 requires dividing only the last two digits by 4 and noting the remainder. Dividing by 8 requires dividing the last three digits and noting the remainder. Dividing by 5 is just a matter of noting whether the number ends in zero or 5. If it does there's no remainder; if it doesn't the remainder is found by subtracting 5 or zero from the last digit, depending on the size of the digit. If the digit is between 1 and 4 then so is the remainder; if it's between 6 and 9 then the remainder is found by subtracting 5. When dividing by 9, we don't do any division at all: we simply add up the digits making the number and if the result is 10 or more we add the digits of the result and we keep doing this until we end up with a single digit. If this digit is 9 the number is divisible exactly by 9; otherwise the digit is the actual remainder (this method is not surprisingly called the 9's remainder, and it can be used to check addition, subtraction and multiplication with a 90% accuracy level). Division by 11 is slightly more tricky, but consists of, starting with the last digit, add the alternate digits of the number then subtract the sum of the remaining digits. If the result is positive then that is the remainder; if negative then add 11 to find the remainder; for example, to find the remainder of 98765 divided by 11, we add 5+7+9=21 and subtract 6+8=14: 21-14=7, so the remainder is 7. Another example: remainder of dividing 23451 by 11; 1+4+2-(5+3)=-1+11=10, so the remainder is 10. If the result of the alternate subtraction exceeds 11 repeat the process: 190827 gives 7+8+9-(2+0+1)=21 so the next step is 1-2=-1, add 11=10, so 10 is the remainder.
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Four problems: Problem 1: 3x - 2 = 2sqrt(x) + 8 3x - 10 = 2sqrt(x) 9x^2 - 60x + 100 = 4x 9x^2 - 64x + 100 = 0 x = (64 +- sqrt(4096 - 3600))/18 x = (64 +- sqrt(496))/18 x = (64 +- 4sqrt(31))/18 x = (32 +- 2sqrt(31))/9 x = (32 + 2sqrt(31))/9, (32 - 2sqrt(31))/9 . Problem 2 -3x + 2 = 2sqrt(x) + 8 -3x - 6 = 2sqrt(x) 9x^2 + 36x  + 36 = 4x 9x^2 + 32x + 36 = 0 x = (-32 +- sqrt(1024 - 1296))/18 Can't do square root of a negative, so no solution. . Problem 3 3x - 2 = 2sqrt(x + 8) 9x^2 - 12x + 4 = 4(x+8) 9x^2 - 12x + 4 = 4x + 32 9x^2 - 16x - 28 = 0 x = (16 +- sqrt(256 + 36*28))/18 x = (16 +- sqrt(256 + 1008))/18 x = (16 +- sqrt(1264))/18 x = (16 +- 4sqrt(79))/18 x = (8 +- 2sqrt(79))/9 x = (8 + 2sqrt(79))/9, (8 - 2sqrt(79))/9 . Problem 4: -3x + 2 = 2sqrt(x+8) 9x^2 - 12x + 4 = 4(x+8) 9x^2 - 12x + 4 = 4x + 32 9x^2 - 16x - 28 = 0 same as Problem 3 x = (8 + 2sqrt(79))/9, (8 - 2sqrt(79))/9 . Answer: If you meant abs(3x-2) = 2sqrt(x) + 8 then the answer is:  x = (32 + 2sqrt(31))/9, (32 - 2sqrt(31))/9 If you meant abs(3x-2) = 2sqrt(x+8) then the answer is:  x = (8 + 2sqrt(79))/9, (8 - 2sqrt(79))/9
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what is "c" in the problem 4c - 5 + 14c = 67?

Problem: what is "c" in the problem 4c - 5 + 14c = 67? i did the problem but not sure if my answer is correct. my book doesnt explain this in a way i understand 4c - 5 + 14c = 67 Add the c terms. 18c - 5 = 67 Add 5 to both sides of the equation. 18c - 5 + 5 = 67 + 5 18c = 72 Divide both sides of the equation by 18 18c/18 = 72/18 c = 4 You should, of course, check the answer. 4c - 5 + 14c = 67 4(4) - 5 + 14(4) = 67 16 - 5 + 56 = 67 Taking 16 - 5 first... 11 + 56 = 67 67 = 67 It checks. Answer: c = 4  
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What is the answer to 4x-2y=0 when 4x+y=0?

What is the answer to 4x-2y=0 when 4x+y=0? This problem is for using addition to solve a system if that makes any sense. Like if a problem was 3x-2y=5 when 4x+2y=-16, the answer would be -3,-2. 4x - 2y = 0  and   4x+y=0   -1 * (4x + y) = -1 * 0   -4x -3 = 0 -4x - y = 0 ---------------      -3y = 0        y = 0 4x - 2y = 0 4x - 2(0) = 0 4x - 0 = 0 4x = 0 x = 0 The (x, y) pair is (0,0), the origin. This is obvious since the y-intercept for both equations is zero. 4x - 2y = 0 -2y = -4x + 0 y = 2x + 0   set x to zero, y is zero 4x + y = 0 y = -4x + 0   set x to zero, y is zero
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what is the answer for this problem and the steps to solve 6x(4y-8) for x=3.6y=1.5

what is the answer for this problem and the steps to solve 6x(4y-8) for x=3.6y=1.5 I would like information on how to slove this problem and the answer 6x(4y-8) for x = 3.6y = 1.5. 6x(4y - 8) 6(3.6)(4(1.5) - 8) 21.6(6 - 8) 21.6(-2) -43.2
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what is the answer to the problem 240!

what is the answer to the problem 240! Please, what is the answer for the math problem 240! What you have written is 240 factorial. That means the product of every positive integer from 1 up to, and including, 240. Example: 6! = 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 720 240! is so large that you would have difficulty calculating it. According to Wikipedia, 100! is 9.332621544×10^157. That means 9.33 etc. multiplied by 157 tens.
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how can you get the answer 7 while only using the number 2,0,1, and 2?

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a real word problem that models 46 divided by 6 and the answer is 7

There is a class of 46 students in all. a) Suppose at least six students are required to form a sports team. How many sports team can there be at most? (Answer: 7) b) Suppose the class is going out on a field trip. Assume that the teacher drives her own car. Each travelling-car can hold six students. How many travelling-cars will thus be needed? (Answer: 8) c) For every two travelling-car, there must be a fire extinugisher. Hence, how many fire extinguishers are needed for all the travelling-cars on this field trip? (Answer: 4)
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Use the following clues to find the ages of the three children.

Welcome to Math Homework Answers - Math Homework Answers is a math help site where students, teachers, and math lovers can ask and answer math homework questions to help create a useful fun math community. Ask or answer math questions in basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, unit conversion or any other math related topic. Register and play the math game against others to see how many points you can earn. All categories Pre-Algebra Answers (518) Algebra 1 Answers (1,109) Algebra 2 Answers (450) Geometry Answers (245) Trigonometry Answers (71) Calculus Answers (238) Statistics Answers (71) Word Problem Answers (372) Site News (11) Use the following clues to find the ages of the three children. Use the following clues to find the ages of the three children. The product of their ages is 96. The middle child is two years older then the youngest.   A = Eldest B = Middle child C = Youngest   AxBxC = 96 <= eq1 B = 2 + C <= eq2   You need to supply one more clue to solve the problem    
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